Designed to protect the plane tubing ends (the beard and the front ring) and prevent water, dust, corrosive agents, UV rays and other elements to reach the protected area.


The plane tubing ends protectors are made of low density polyethylene. Their manufacturing characteristics insure an increased adherence and prevent the premature removal from the tube.
The both versions of plane tubing ends protectors are provided with an optional vent hole designed to keep the inner pressure equal to the outer pressure. The vent hole may also have a filter, which prevents the intrusion of the foreign particles.
The plane tubing ends protectors are also available either in liftable or non-liftable versions. The liftable protectors allow moving of the tubes using hooking devices and in the same time keep the tube end and coating undamaged.

Sizes: Ø 8 ÷ 508 mm

The plane tubing ends protectors manufactured by EXITEHNICA S.R.L. comply with all the requirements concerning the resistance to axial and lateral shocks, the beard and inner front damage, corrosion and UV attack. The polyethylene is an inert chemical product.
EXITEHNICA S.R.L. may offer any other sizes or types of composite and non-composite protectors, for threaded or plane tubing ends, liftable or non-liftable, according to the customer’s requirements.