Designed to protect the threaded steel tubing ends and prevent water, dust, corrosive agents, UV rays and other elements to reach the thread area.


The composite thread protectors are made of a threaded low density or  high-density polyethylene bumper, which absorbs the impact shocks and a steel shell rolled over the front edge, which insures a superior protection against hazard.
The accurate threads prevent vibrating and premature release of the protectors from the tube during the transport.
The composite thread protectors are available either in the open end or closed end version, liftable or non-liftable. The liftable protectors allow moving of the tubes using hooking devices and in the same time keep the tube thread and coating undamaged. The closed end protectors may have an optional vent hole designed to keep the inner pressure equal to the outer pressure. The vent hole may also have a filter, which prevents the intrusion of the foreign particles.
The composite design of the protectors (steel shell and high density polyethylene bumper) insures the protector integrity within the temperature range given by the API 5CT standard  (-46ºC÷66ºC).
Their design allows easy setting and removing using a tube wrench.

Sizes: 2 3/8”, 2 7/8”, 3 ½”, 4", 4 ½”, 5", 5 ½”, 6 5/8", 7", 8 5/8", 9 5/8", 13 3/8"

The composite thread protectors manufactured by EXITEHNICA S.R.L. comply with all the requirements concerning the resistance to axial and lateral shocks, thread damage, corrosion and UV attack. The polyethylene is an inert chemical product.
EXITEHNICA S.R.L. may offer any other siyes or types of composite thread protectors, including non-composite or having also different threads, liftable or non-liftable, according to the customer’s requirements.